Survey Design

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Testing Tool to Detect Errors and Optimize Survey-Taking Experience.

Optimal survey design is a function of understanding sound research methodologies, as well as engaging design techniques that make taking surveys an enjoyable experience. The more engaged the participant is in your market research, the higher the quality of data that results. Our Team is continually evolving and improving survey design techniques that help make surveys more engaging, accessible and enjoyable.

Decades of research and sampling science knowledge ensure valid, unbiased data.

Options including single or multiple modes of contact and data collection, and single or dual frames.

Gamification, shelf tests, heat maps, drag / drops, flip books, 3D views and more mobile-friendly surveys.

Fast, easy surveys give respondents a positive experience, encourages taking part in future research.

Effective online survey design means making a connection with the survey participant through engaging, clearly-worded questions and instructions. Finally, we aim to make each respondent feel like they are a valuable part of the experience, where they participate not just for the rewards but also for the experience..